Young Thug Net Worth


Young Thug Net Worth: American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producerJeffery Lamar Williams better known as Young Thug has a net worth of $6 million.

Young Thug net worth

Young Thug is noted widely for his popular songs including “Stoner”, “Danny Glover”, “About The Money” and many more. He has been nominated multiple times in prestigious music awards as BET Hip Hip Awards and BET Awards.

He is one of the most prominent rappers of this time who just recently released his first studio album entitled “Bankroll Mafia” in 2016. In addition, he has released a total of four mixtapes showcasing his rapping skills which have all been commercially successful in the market. Needless to say, his activeness in the field of music since 2001 has been the primary source of Young Thug’s net worth.

Born on August 16, 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia, Young Thug grew up in the Jonesboro South Projects where his love for rap and hip hop music grew gradually. In 2011, he officially started his career as a rapper by releasing a series of independent mixtapes including “I Came From Nothing”.

However, his musical breakthrough came in 2014 with his hit songs such as “Lifestyle” and “About The Money”. Young Thug gained more recognition as a rapper as he performed with Southern rappers Birdman, Gucci Mane, T.I., and others. All his projects have been very successful in music industry earning him millions of dollars over the years.

His voice and music aren’t the only things that keep Young Thug prominent in the entertainment industry, he is highly praised for his fashion sense. Vibe Magazine refers to him as one of the most charismatic and outlandish Hip-Hop personalities and compares him to popular musicians as David Bowe and Prince. Interestingly, Young Thug is also noticed for his open voice and his gender defying opinions.

As for his personal life, the 25 years old artist Young Thug fathers six children from four different mothers. He is currently to engaged to a business woman named Jerrika Karlae who owns a swimsuit line.

For now, Young Thug enjoys his life as a successful singer while his net worth of $6 million caters to his daily needs.

Quick Facts about Young Thug

Full Name: Jeffery Lamar Williams

Profession: Rapper, singer, songwriter, recording artist

Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 165 lbs

Ethnicity: African American

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: August 16, 1991

Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Marital Status: Engaged to Jerikka Karlae

Astrological Sign: Leo

Young Thug Net Worth: $6 million