Jim Bakker Net Worth


Jim Bakker Net Worth: American televangelist, former minister and television personality, Jim Bakker has a net worth of $750 thousand.

Jim Bakker net worth

Jim Bakker is noted for his show “The PTL Club”, an evangelical Christian television show. During the late 1980s, Bakker was in media for sex scandals and revelations of accounting fraud in church and other charities where he worked which led him to resign from ministry.

Bakker, who was famous for hosting “The PTL Club” along with his then wife, Tammy Faye Bakker, went on to serve a sentence of 45 years in 1988 which was later reduced to 8 years, after being found guilty of conspiracy and fraud.

Born on January 2, 1940 in Muskegon, Michigan, Jim was educated at a Bible college, North Central University. While studying, he met his then wife Tammy Faye LaValley and got married to her in 1961.

Eventually, the couple left their college to become evangelists. He was a part of “Assemblies of God” church from 1960 to 1988. He and his wife started their career as televangelists in 1966 as they worked at Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network.

The couple later started their own show “The PTL Club” in 1970 s, which was watched by millions of viewers within a year of its airing. As their show began growing, Jim and Tammy established other ventures including The PTL Television Network, a theme park named Heritage USA and others. All these ventures were very successful.

Jim Bakker and his wife were sued for mishandling the money given to their non-profit organization which led to Jim being sentenced to jail. He spent eight years in prison and divorced from Tammy in the 1990s. In 2003, Jim returned to being a televangelist and host of the show “Jim Bakker Show”.

This time, he was already divorced from Tammy and married to his second wife Lori who is also the co-host of his new show. Bakker also has a son named Jay who is a minister at a church in Minnesota.

At present, Bakker enjoys his life as a televangelist while his net worth of $750,000 allows him to have a decent lifestyle.

Quick Facts about Jim Bakker

Full Name: Jim Orsen Bakker

Profession: Televangelist, Television personality, Host

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Ethnicity: African American, Mixed

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: January 2, 1940

Place of Birth: Muskegon, Michigan, USA

Marital Status: Married to Lori Bakker

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Jim Bakker Net Worth: $750 thousand